Founding Principles

We All Are Equally the Citizens of Earth

It is simple truth that we are all citizens of Earth. We therefore all have the right to participate in the creation of it as a political entity.

As such, though I have a voice in this just like you, it is also not my sole place — nor that of any “core team” or “project staff” that will emerge for this project over time — to determine the ultimate configuration of how we will work together as a people. We must learn how to do this, together.

That said, we have to start somewhere. Here are some of The Country of Earth Project’s initial thoughts on the matter:

Direct Democracy

In The Country of Earth, let us take advantage of our newly developed social media technologies for fostering connection. With knowledge we already have about such processes, we can develop additional technologies that will enable us to vote for ourselves, directly, on the issues we care about.[read more=”Read More (+)” less=”Read Less (-)”]

Let us at least begin with no Country of Earth politicians standing for office. Politicians of other countries are of course are most welcome to participate here, for they too are citizens of Earth just like the rest of us. CEOs and corporate board members, too. Everyone.

How will we do this? There are quite a few prospective models for direct democracy already proposed out there, and as this movement grows there will likely be many more. There is also one long-standing, working semi-direct democracy we can look to, for ideas on how we might propose laws (or even a constitution), as well as debate and vote together as one people: Switzerland.

In the United States, we already have at least one online tool — Countable.Us — for voting on the issues we care about, which then informs the U.S. citizen’s congressional Representative and two U.S. Senators of her vote.

These early models gives us a small taste of what is possible.

There are many issues to contend with, the very most important of which is how do we all come to agree… on anything? But there are others. We are going to have to learn how to do this, together.

Open Collaboration

The principles of Open Collaboration have been used in the creation of many of the tools we now use every day online. These principles can guide us as we learn how to work together. One resource is the Open Collaboration Encyclopedia.

Strategic, Integrated and Synergistic Solutions

Rather than seeking to supplant the work of existing governments, we prefer instead to seek integrated, synergistic solutions to our collective problems.

Open, Integrated Online Platforms

This — The Country Of Earth Project — is likely not to be the only team of people out in the world committed to the creation of The Country of Earth, or who are focused upon vastly similar ideas. Other teams may have other ideas of how to call forth this future.

The Country of Earth Project is committed to bringing together all organizations committed to the creation of direct-democratic voting systems and the creation of a global sovereign and co-equal nation in the creation of establishing a single integrated voting platform.[read more=”Read More (+)” less=”Read Less (-)”]

Following Open Collaborative principles and models, The Country of Earth Project is committed to providing all organizations and teams committed to this collective global project an ability to connect to a common online database for The Country of Earth, with an Application Programming Interface (API) and offering a Software Development Kit (SDK) — tools which can be used to link systems together, much like you may do when you use a Google, Facebook or other sign-in on another website.

These tools and services will enable anyone can connect to this core platform, and thus create a common place where all votes cast by the Citizens of Earth can be recorded, and where all people also have the capacity to decide the manner under which they vote.

This integrative voting tool could become of enormous benefit to other countries, governments and groupings of people of all sizes, from a local country, to your school district, to the people living on your block, or who might be your colleagues in the same company.

The backend will of course need to be secure and safe from hacking. Voting should be easy, secure, and private, and ultimately verifiable as one-person, one-vote.

There are obviously a vast number of technological hurdles to surmount, as well as the development of protocols designed to ensure that the software development of the entire project remains both open to input from all, while also being secure from attack from those who might cause the project, or the People of Earth as a whole, harm.

This may not be easy, but we must find a way. For those of us committed to coming together as one world, we must set aside our selfish/megoic tendencies to have “the answer” and instead seek ways to connect our separate efforts together, so that in the end we all can come together having founded one, common country. These differences are all for the good, these different efforts can all be for the good as well. For it is from these different ideas that we will eventually forge what will work for us all, as the People of Earth.[/read]

Respect for Sovereignty

It is important that we begin by acknowledging the existing sovereignty of the other nations of the world as well as the value of existing international law.

Peaceful Non-Violent Change

There are many aspects of our global civilization that now need to change. We all recognize this. One of the most critical of all is to begin to put an end to the violence which exists between us. We do not seek to add to the violence of our world, but to dramatically reduce it through efforts to meet the needs of all of us, rather than just some of us.