Declare Your Interdependence. Declare Yourself a Citizen of Earth.

There already is a lot to do as a citizen of Earth. Political movements around the world are calling for greater equality, greater respect for immigrants, greater efforts for environmental sustainability, and more.  What follows is not meant to take away from any direct citizen efforts now underway. The Country of Earth Project is meant to be an addition to–not a replacement of–our current work, efforts and responsibilities as citizens on all levels.

In the coming months and years there will be lots more to do, specifically as the citizens of The Country of Earth. The movement for the creation of The Country of Earth as a political entity has just begun, but we hope in the next two years (by 2020) to have initial technologies enabling citizen-driven discussion, debate and voting on the issues we care about.

WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW: The Most Important First Step

The most important action you can take right now as a citizen of Earth is to formally declare your citizenship, by declaring your interdependence with us. By doing so you give your political support to our planet, which is The Country of Earth.

If enough of us choose to take this first step, we can then take the next step together, which is to craft a constitution for Earth.

You can begin by formally declaring your citizenship in The Country of Earth, right here.

Important Information Before You Begin

At present, our Citizen’s Declaration of Interdependence form is written only in English. We apologize to non-English speakers and readers. After launching The Country of Earth Project in 2018-19, one of our very next priorities will be to adapt these registration forms–and indeed this entire website–into other languages.

In addition, use of this form is for citizens who are at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18 please CONTACT US to let us know you wish to register as a citizen, and we will handle your registration on an individual basis.

Please be thorough and complete. This is the first step in creating what will one day become your Citizen’s Account with The Country of Earth.

In the days, months and years ahead, we will likely ask you to return to The Country of Earth website to update your information and add to it. We want to know about you, what interests you, and how we can help you live as a more effective and aware citizen of Earth. We choose to not use privacy-invading commercial data-mining techniques to learn about you, but instead wish to get this information directly from you, to whatever degree you feel called to participate with us as a fellow citizen of Earth.

Of course, we never sell any personal information about our citizens, period. We will never share your personal information with anyone (such as an NGO partner and/or connecting your account to an account you have with a social media site, such as Facebook) without your express permission to do so.

Lastly, About Making Your Declaration:

While most of the information we ask for will be familiar to most people, there are two things we will ask you to enter that are particularly important to us, and that may require some creativity on your part. We are asking all of our fellow citizens to join us in stating a formal Declaration of Interdependence, followed by one or more Fact(s) for a Candid World.

Consider: You are making a declaration of interdependence, a declaration akin to when the people of your local country first came together to found it, together. This is a sacred and powerful act.

You will be able to select a standard declaration (modeled after the US Declaration of Independence), or if you dislike the language we offer, you can draft your own (for now). Ultimately the most popular version of this declaration will be chosen, in the years ahead, for us all to make, together.

Followed by this declaration, you will then submit one or more fact(s)–reasons why you feel you need to make this declaration of interdependence with us. We provide one key fact, about climate change, that you can use, but we particularly encourage citizens to state additional facts that are directly relevant to their own lives, and to the lives of their communities and local nations. Please do your best to state them as a fact, with a statistic or other evidence that other people can verify as being true. Thank you.

To begin your journey with us as a declared citizen of The Country of Earth, please click the button below: