About Us

The Country of Earth Project catalyzes the conditions necessary for the creation, successful birth and natural evolution of The Country of Earth as a political entity standing co-equal to all the other nations of this planet.

We are committed to the sustainable establishment of a direct democracy run by, of and for the People of Earth, in the service and care for all life on this planet.

We will do this through citizen enrollment and registration, direct democracy political technology development, the fostering of citizen-based, citizen-driven global connections, projects and other means.



Enroll a minimum of 1.5 billion people as declared citizens of The Country of Earth, thus fully justifying The Country of Earth’s political right to exist by becoming the largest political entity on the planet in terms of declared citizenship. This will permit us to call for a global vote for the political recognition of The Country of Earth.

  • A mid-level goal of 350 million is set, so that we can declare ourselves the third largest political entity after China and India.
  • An initial goal of 5 million declared citizens is set, to establish us with a declared citizenship population greater than half the local countries on the planet.


Establish a citizen-based website and technology platform built for a fully enfranchised direct democracy of, by and for the People of Earth.

  • An initial goal is to create a “Countable.Us”-like website and smartphone app, enabling all citizens of Earth to propose ideas, debate them, and vote on them.
  • We will establish citizen groups to act as beta-testers of different direct democracy political technologies, allowing for the best systems to be created, studied and then expanded for greater use.
  • We will establish a regular roll-out schedule of our technology coupled with a deepening relationship with our citizen base to ultimately produce a verifiable one-person one-vote issues discussion, debate and voting system.
  • We will partner with organizations committed to similar goals, to create a network and a common voter database, enabling our different efforts to come together in one place so that the collective voice of the People of Earth can be heard.


Engage enrolled citizens in projects designed to foster greater participation, find common ground, forge global relationships, and the creation and nurturance of civic actions and projects to solve the global crises of our era.